How to earn money by selling services on your blog

How to earn money by selling services on your blog

Today’s topic is very interesting. , In which we have told you about different ways of earning money from the internet. In today’s article, I am going to tell you about how to earn money by selling services on your blog, but there is no need for any third party service involvement for this method.

Yes, in this, only you have to use your blog. You can earn money by selling services on your blog or website. Let’s know how.

Selling Services – A Great Option to Earn Money From Internet

Making money with most of these methods is not easy, and dependency on the third party is very high. For example, if you want to earn money by selling services on your blog, you must first join any ad network.

Like, if you want to place ads on Google Adsense on your blog, then you have to apply for it first and then you can earn money only after getting approval.

Apart from this, ad networks have many of your policies and restrictions, which keep your hands on the dam. In other similar ways, there are different restrictions.

What do you need to earn money by selling services on your blog?

  • If you want to earn money by selling services on your blog is one of the ways in which you just need one thing, interested visitors to buy some services on your blog.

If you create a new blog and start selling services along with it, then you think yourself who will buy them? Therefore, first of all, you have a blog or website that has good visitors.

To bring good visitors to your blog or website, you have to take advantage of SEO and follow the traffic tips

What services can you sell on your blog?

  • You should sell your niche related services on your blog. If you want to know about niche blogging, then read our article: What is Niche Blogging: Niche Vs Multi-Niche Blogging Now you should sell niche related services for this because the people who come to your blog come here because they are interested in the niche of your content. So if you sell niche related services, then the chances of selling your services will increase.

But if your website’s completely different niche services, you will sell it on your blog, then maybe nobody will buy it. For example, if you sell technology related services at Cooking Blog, do you think someone will buy it? Because the audience coming to Cooking Blog will not be interested in audience technology

Now, take the second case, suppose your blog’s topic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and you are selling content blog or backlink building on your blog so your visitors can match the niche of your services. If you do, then your sales are likely to grow.

How to Sell Services to Your Blog?

Once you decide which services you have to sell on your blog or website, it comes forward to tell you how to sell these services. Basically, you have to promote services.

I’ll explain to you this whole process with the example. Now suppose that is my blog’s niche, blogging, and the service I want to sell is that, Blogger To WordPress Migration service.

Now I have created a separate page for this service on my website or blog, in which I have given all the details. In this page, you mention the cost of service, completion time, quality and benefits, etc.

In this way, you can mention your email or phone on this page, or you can create a contact form to collect the data of people interested in this particular service.

If your service is instant, or you want to accept online payment, you can set up a payment gateway in this page. Now everyone will not come directly to this page if you do not promote this page. So you have to make a promotion for your service at different places on your blog.


You can use the same affiliate marketing promotion tactics to promote such Services Page:

  • To mention this page with hyperlinking in your blog posts with the text of useful resources and so on

.    • Promoting this page with Banners etc on your blog.

  • Give this link to the main menu. To say means that you can do all these things to promote your services, which other companies do to promote your ads on your blog.

  • In our above, example, as I have to sell a Blogger to WordPress Migration service, in this case, I can promote my blog by writing a post of Blogger to WordPress migration.

so these are the way from you can earn money by selling services on your blog. I hope you like this post please like share and comment on our post.

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