How to protect AdSense account from disabled

Friends in this article we will learn about How to protect AdSense account from disabled the same time, I talk about advertising programs similar to AdSense, AdSense is an excellent and adequate pay network.


How to protect AdSense account from disabled


You should take care of some things that do not violate Adsense policies. We all know that getting Adsense Account approval is not an easy task, and we also have to take care of many things so that our Adsense Account can remain active.


Recently, I received an email from the Adsense team, which said, “Adsense serving has been disabled on one of my sites,” and I realized that this is the right time to write this post and let new Adsense publishers know about AdSense policies. To get them told, and they should avoid certain things so that their account is not banned.



Below I have told you about some simple mistakes that you or Adsense publisher should avoid doing so that your account will not be banned.


Understand Adsense TOS and do not violate Adsense Policies

Invalid Clicks


It is a crucial reason due to which maximum Adsense account is in danger zone. Many Adsense publishers who start, they speak to their friends that they click on ads through their computer or computer with a different IP…


If the Adsense team comes to know about this activity, then the Adsense team disables that account.


Use Adsense on supported language blog


Google does not support all languages. In your Adsense program, if you have an Approved Adsense account and you have placed your Ads on those websites which have not been given in the language Adsense TOS, then your account can be blocked.


Approving, if you are using any multi-lingual technology and have also placed ads, then it will be considered a violation of Google policies. That is why I removed the Global Translator plugin from my blog.


Maximum Adsense unit on a single page


Adsense works in the rule of 1-2-3 to define how many maximum numbers of ads to display per page. If you have done something wrong by mistake, then it will not be considered a violation of Adsense policies, and Adsense does not allow more than only three ads on each page until you become a premium Adsense publisher.


Note: Google Adsense has now removed the Maximum Adsense unit policy. These are no longer applicable.


Sending ads Email


Many publishers start sending Adsense Ads via Email, and sometimes this mail becomes viral, then it is also against Google program policies. In this situation, more chances to disabled your AdSense account, so be careful about these things. Try to avoid this type of traffic on your blog.


Advertisement label


Many publishers keep on using the trick of attracting readers to click ads like click and see hot babe or click to encourage, encourage.

Or many publishers put up pop-up ads, which the viewer has to click even without wanting, this is also a violation of Adsense policies.


Competitive contextual advertisement


Make sure that you are not using another advertisement program with Adsense somewhere. Although you can use more ad networks with Adsense, keep in mind that those networks also follow Adsense TOS. These are some ads networks that have used with AdSense. Via link.


Altering the Adsense code:



Are you a programmer? Oops! It doesn’t matter. Google does not allow Adsense code to change in any way. So you can not be altering the system because it is an out of google policy. If you want to save your Adsense account, then you must follow the google ads policy.


Shading with Image


If you keep the Google Adsense Image Ads Unit hidden between the image of your blog or website, click on your ads instead of an image, then think that your account can be ban from it. It does not do that with its image ads unit; you also adjacent your image.


Hosting copyright content


If you have Adsense ads on your website and are hosting lots of copyrighted content on your sites, such as a movie, song, or another file, if you do this, then Google Adsense can ban the account very quickly. Google Adsense never allows you to use their program with copyright stuff.


Linking to the site who distribute Illegal and copyright content


I learned about this reason in 2018 and would like to say that this is the reason why Adsense bans many websites.


If you have linked your site with some such sites like streaming movie, illegal or pirated software, Keygen sites Then Adsense will disable your Ads on your website.


Here I have given examples of some content in which Adsense Ads is not allowed Porn, Adult material.


these are the way you can protect your Adsense account from the disabled. if you want your AdSense safe then you must keep these pointers in mind before putting the ads on the blog.


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