What is Affiliate Link Cloaking and why should you use it?

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking and why should you use it?

Do you want to earn a passive income online? Try Affiliate Marketing This is the best way to earn money online.

All you have to do is recommend more and more people to others’ products, and then you will start getting money in your bank account.

As easy as affiliate marketing is looking, so much asana is really not. Many people are in this field who are struggling to earn money. For this reason, this field has become very competitive.

That is why there is no doubt that this time the market has filled with so many spammers. Many misconceptions have been taken that the innocent affiliate marketers who have made a lot of efforts to get the sale, take away their commission from them.

Commission thefts usually include dishonest companies that install the malware in people’s web browsers and replace our unique affiliate links with hackers affiliate links and we lose our commission.

One good news is that a defensive weapon has been created to avoid it: Link Cloaking

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What is Link Cloaking?

In simple words, link cloaking means the conversion of long Affiliate URLs to great small URLs.

Changing the UGLY URL to pretty URL:

Generally, whatever affiliate links you find are very large and poor in appearance. These are usually long strands of numbers, letters, and symbols. With Link cloaking, you can convert these URLs into great, small and well-visible links.

With this technique, you can also add your brand name to the URL so that it looks trustworthy and also reflects the reputation of your brand.

Here’s an example:

Affiliate URL:


Affiliate Cloaked URL:


Why should you always cloak your affiliate links?

Keeping in mind the reasons below, you should cloak Affiliate Links.

  • Loss of Commission decreases

Many affiliate marketing network companies ask their users to beware of malwares which replaces your affiliate links with hackers affiliate links and loses your commission to you.

In such a situation, you can not do anything more, just join some of the reputable Affiliate Networks.

Even after reaching some of your product pages, you can also replace your affiliate link with another affiliate link. To avoid any such things, I would recommend that you link the cloaking. By doing so, there are chances that you can save your commission in most cases only for such things.

Some people are so clever that they know that they are clicking on the affiliate link, they remove your unique code from your Affiliate URL. I call these people bypassers. According to me, it would be better if you cloaking a link to avoid such people.

  • It helps in tracking

If you use affiliate links, you will also be able to easily track them. If you are a WordPress blogger, whatever plugins you use to cloak your links, they all help you in tracking. This will help you further your conversion rate in the future.

  • CTR increases

As you know, affiliate links are ugly in appearance. If you cloak them, they become great in appearance. People often do not click on ugly URLs, so it’s better that you also cloak your Affiliate URLs and make them awesome. This will increase your CTR (Click Through Rate).

  • Link Management is Easy

Cloaking Links is a great help in future management. Suppose that you put an affiliate link to your different blog posts.

Now suppose you have changed your affiliate link from that company or you have to change the link for any other reasons. So will you re-edit every single blog post?

If you do cloaking the links, then in such tasks only save a lot of time by changing the Affiliate link behind your cloaked URL.

  • You Can Avoid Ad Blockers

Nowadays many people install ad blockers in their web browsers. In this case, your affiliate links are also blocked. If you want to save your commissions in such cases then you should cloak your links. This will prevent ad blockers from blocking your affiliate links.

  • Easily you can nofollow affiliate links

Instead of manually nofollowing one affiliate link, you will be able to nofollow all affiliate links with your cloaked link management plugin in just one click by cloaking your affiliate links.

  • Search Engine Ranking

A major concern with all Affiliate marketers is to create rankings in the Search Engine. Many marketers fail to get their blog SEO to optimize correctly and fail to get good rankings.

Cloaking your URL helps you optimize your site.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links? (Free WordPress Plugins)

If you also have a WordPress Blog or Website then you can easily cloak Affiliate Links using the free plugins mentioned below.

  • Pretty Link Lite

Affiliate Link clocking

Pretty Link Lite WordPress is a free plugin for link cloaking that makes cloaking work much easier. With this you can easily manage all your affiliate links. With this plugin, you can also automatically add nofollow tag to all your Affiliate URLs, shorten links, and appropriately redirect them.

D0wnload Pretty Link Lite

  • Easy Affiliate Links

This is another great plugin for affiliate marketers to cloaking their affiliate URLs. This lets you add cloak links and manage all your affiliate links from the same Dashboard.

Download Easy Affiliate Links

You can also cloak your links by using some services like Geni.us. This service costs you $ 9 per month but it also has many advanced features like geo-location based redirection.

We also use it for Amazon Affiliate Links and I recommend it to you too.


You may be surprised to know that many people also suggest not to cloaking Affiliate link. But they give a reason behind it quite silly.

Our whole team recommends you to cloak affiliate links on your blog or website according to your experience and according to the results.

There is no harm to cloaking affiliate links, but there are many advantages. Just make sure that your cloaked affiliate links are working properly.

Tell me if you have any questions related to this post in your mind?

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